Corner boards (or angle boards) are rigid angles that reinforce the edges on corners, tops, and bottoms of boxes. They may do the same to protect the corners of stacked containers. They may reinforce the interior corners of containers. And, they protect against the stress and friction of straps and restraints.

Why Aks Packaging (India) ?

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  • Fumigated Pallets according to International standards.
  • Heat Treated Pallets according to International standards.
  • Euro Pallets according to International standards.
  • Complete in House Production.
  • Superior quality wood used in the manufacturing
  • Offered in various sizes and measurements
  • Resistance to Fungus
  • Outstanding strength
  • Termite & borer proof
  • Smooth finish
  • Available in Reasonable Rates.

Benefits of Using Right Pallets and edge corner

They reduce loading and unloading time. Rather than moving individual boxes or packages, pallets allow products to be moved in bulk. A pallet full of bathtubs or other heavy items is much easier than moving individual tubs or other heavy or bulky products. Simply load, shrink wrap and you’re on your way.
They improve working conditions and worker safety. A properly loaded pallet is safer than loosely stacked products that can fall or tumble and create the potential or injury. While it’s true that a poorly loaded pallet can also present a hazard, training your crew to load pallets efficiently and safely can decrease the chance of on-the-job injuries.

They reduce warehouse costs and improve logistics. Efficient loading and unloading times help improve scheduling and reduce payroll costs because there’s no need for overtime.

They allow you to deliver higher quality products. There’s a greater chance that the packaging or the products themselves could be damaged when you’re moving individual pieces. Pallets prevent this by protecting your products and allowing you to move them in bulk.


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